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Welcome to the Fair Districts Redistricting Site

Illinois House and Senate Republicans have released a Fair Map legislative redistricting proposal, drawn without consideration of incumbency.

The statewide legislative map complies with the Federal Voting Rights Act, the Illinois Voting Rights Act, the United State's Constitution and the Illinois Constitution. It creates districts that are equal in population, compact, contiguous and maintain county and municipal boundaries without first considering politicians' addresses or election data.

Audio from the Press Conference is available below. Press Release is Here.

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The Fair Map creates nine Latino House districts with voting age populations (VAP) of 60 percent or more. That's in sharp contrast to the partisan map unveiled by Democrats recently that created only four districts with VAPs of 60 percent or more.

Compared to the Democrats' map, the Fair Map plan creates two additional Latino districts and enhances and equalizes Latino voters in other districts. At the same time, it does not retrogress African-American districts. In fact, it creates two more majority African-American districts than the proposed Democrat map.

The changes were drafted to strengthen Latino representation, while protecting the rights of African-Americans. They incorporate recommendations of Latino, African-American and neighborhood groups and strictly comply with the Federal Voting Rights Act.

(Click here to go to the Senate's interactive map page) House Districts and maps can be found here.

“Our goal throughout this process has been a Fair Map that complies with the Illinois Constitution and the applicable laws, including the federal Voting Rights Act,” Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno said. “Community organizations and citizens throughout the state have joined us in demanding a legislative district map that complies with the principles of Fair Map – which would lead to fair representation, competitive elections and greater accountability. We are providing that Fair Map.”